Our Story

House Arrest was born in 2020, during a period of creativity where I had an urgent desire to ‘make’ and make more of my time at home in the Pacific Northwest. Many of us turned inward to seek meaning and positivity during a very unsettling and isolating time. Getting in the kitchen, not to cook yet another meal or fill and empty the dishwasher for the thousandth time - but to create - was therapeutic.
Every aspect of this brand has deep roots in my psyche - love of food and drink; art and artisanship; collage and story; subtle humor and layered meaning. What I sought in the development of House Arrest Finishing Salts was exactly what I want for myself and my family - an easy, healthy way to elevate flavors and turn the basic into the sublime.

The first year has been one of discovery, play, and a bit of alchemy. I’d been sharing House Arrest Finishing Salts with friends and colleagues with no plans beyond the next experiment or the request for “more, please”.

Inspired by the excellent book “Choose Possibility” by Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, taking on board the advice and encouragement I offer my own mentees, and a drive to put more of my whole self into work prompted me to take the plunge into this new venture. While I picked up Cassidy’s book on risk-taking to help me be a better leader and mentor, it literally transformed the way I think about my own life, so here we are.

I hope you love my House Arrest Goods - small-batch, handcrafted finishing salts and aromatic bitters that make everything perfectly delicious.

- Karen Starns, Founder and CEO